tisdag 15 april 2014


A single leaf, a green life
whispering hope
the coming of time.
Soon is the month of may
the spring
the beginning of life.
The cold and the old fade away.
In spring, in glittering day
something joyful take form
get a shape.
Something is glittering in the shade
of the garden.
Someone is awake
making space
for messages from outerspace.

The tripping on my floor

Someone is tripping on my floor
s footprints
How can I be sure
that it is’nt fantasy
an illusion?
I try to spy
looking for evident,but why
can’t I anything see.
My heart is openminded
waiiting for adventure
The tripping take shape
make me shivering.
There is someone there.
Who is it? And why?
I don’t care.
I only want to share
the tripping on my floor.

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