söndag 16 februari 2014

Här kommer ytterligare dikter på engelska som jag kanaliserat
Your light me embrace
Oh Lord Your grace
 bring me blessings
 make my soul sings
 You messages to me adress
 in Your bless.
 My spiritual beeing is born
 my heart is wounded, is torn
 Your light , Your guiding hand
 me healing sends.
 Many things me distray
 I want you yo wash away
 to give me force to find mya way
 Oh Lord my creator , my saviour
 you helping me in my endeavours.
 you make me sweep away
 my armour of darkness, my shield
 I thank You for light, for your lead.

Gentle flowers
O gentle flowers
 blueprint of shaping
 you´re there in my garden
 glittring and swaying.
 Your colours are divine
 i´m pround that you`re mine.
 Sometime you grow and bloom
 sometiome you fade away in doom
 you´re the Blueprint of my heart
 of the meaning
"how great Thou art".

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